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4th and Final Batch : Ron Weasley

Subject: Ron Weasley
Number of Icons: 100/100
Batches Done: 4
Due Date: -
Notes/Credits: Thanks to bossygenius for all your help with the table ♥
I'm MEGA-sorry it's so late! I had alotta stuff to do, but its alright now, so I finished it and might take on another!


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Ronald Billius Weasley Is LoveCollapse )

Hermione Granger; Post One

Subject: Hermione Granger
Number of Icons: 80/100
Due Date: 19/12/07 (pending extension)


100 icon challenge; Hermione Granger.Collapse )

[15] Harry Potter Actors Icons
[20] Lost Icons
[01] Gossip Girl Icon
[02] Skins Icons
[05] Harry potter Banners
[01] Kirsten Dust Banner


The rest can be found here  @ isdelirium

Gryffindor House, batch one.

Subject: Gryffindor House [icons 079-104]
Number of Icons: 26.
Due Date: 12/18/07

always the tone of surprise

Mod Post

The claims table has been updated and most of the reminders and email replies should have been sent out.

I am going to be away from after I post this till Monday so I will, most likely, be unable to reply to any emails, claim applications or membership applications. I would like to apologise for this but it's only a few days so it should be alright.

Any claims that are expiring within this period or have expired in the past week and a half (that I had not sent out reminders) can be extended till next week. If you want to extend your claim further please email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

Happy icon making!


Final Batch (#2) - Hermione Granger

Subject: Hermione Granger
Number of Icons: 100/100 + 7 variation -> Finished.
Due Date: 09.10.07

to the icons this way...

Mod Post

Important: If you are waiting for your claim to be accepted (both full claims and waiting claims) or for reminders to be sent these should be done by tomorrow. I am having a couple of computer problems (my internet keeps cutting out on the computer where all my files are stored) so I am going to try and get things moving again by tomorrow. Apologies to all those who have been waiting - I haven't forgotten about you.


Order of the Phoenix; batch 1

subject: order of the phoenix
number of icons: 10/100
due date: 29/11/07


Read more...Collapse )

fleur delacour; batch 1


subject: fleur delacour
number of icons: 17/100
due date: 26/10/07
notes: i was hoping to get more icons done within the first week. . . o well!


here @ fragiline

Batch 2 // Goblet of Fire (movie) Icons

Subject: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (movie)
Number of Icons: 40/100
Due Date: August 29th, 2007
Notes/Credits: + Screencaps made by me.
+ Textures for icons #55-#57 by trex-tures, textures for icons #58 - #64 from Swear To Shake It Up

Fake cut to my graphics comm ETA: Link is now fixed

Batch #1: General Movie Series

Subject: General Movie Series
Number of Icons: Themed: 6/50; Artist's Choice: 00/50
Batches Done: #1
Due Date: 24/10/07
Notes: I know, my first batch should include 10 icons =[ But I'm leaving for vacation and I couldn't make anymore before I have to leave, so I'm hoping the fact that I attempted a few icons will be enough for me to keep my claim. I'll definitely be updating once I get back =D Oh, and yes I am aware that the table is messed up. I don't know how to fix it so if anyone could help me, that'd be great!
Last Updated: 18/08/07

Batch #1...Collapse )

subject: HP villains; second batch of 100.

Subject: HP Villains
Number of Icons:
Due Date:
Notes/Credits: Rember my rules!

the table.the villains )

100hp: Batch #2 Ron/Hermione

Subject: Ron/Hermione for 100hp
Number of Icons: Themed: 22/50 Artist's Choice: 08/50
Batches done: 1 & 2
Due Date: 25/09/07
Notes: Warning: Icons 023, 036, 039 & icon replacer contain spoiler to DH. Icon Replacer is just chapter art.
Last Updated: 12/08/07
Credits: Under cut.


(All is fair in love and war and this is a bit of both.)