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Mod Post: Hello!

Hello! I am phoenixwytch. I took over from lunaillustris. Now I am cleaning up and hoping to reboot this community. Wish me luck!


[20] Harry Potter Icons
[15] Twilight Icons
Skins Icons
[05] Mary Kate and Ashlay Olsen Icons
[15] Nature/Fashion/Stock Icons
[07] HP Banners



001-003 :: Alyson Hannigan
004-013 :: Audrey Kitching
014-016 :: Britney Spears
017-020 :: Buffy the Vampire Slayer [one animated]
021-023 :: Daniel Radcliffe
024-034 :: Emma Watson
035-055 :: Harry Potter [for 100hp batch two]
056-075 :: My Chemical Romance
076-112 :: Pirates of the Caribbean [At World's End]
013-129 :: Sarah Michelle Gellar
130-137 :: Simple Plan [all animated - When I'm Gone video]

and if i had the guts to put this to your head..

Cedric Diggory Icons - Final Batch

Subject: Cedric Diggory
Number of Icons: 100/100
Batches Done: Four
Due Date: 1/11/08
Notes/Credits: Here's the completed lot. It's been a fun challenge and well worth my time. If you want to use any, credit is entirely optional. Please do not hotlink.


Follow the link to the final batch.

Hermione Granger; Post Two

80/100 Hermione Granger icons.

(80/100 Hermione icons here)

Cedric Diggory Icons - Batch Three

 Subject: Cedric Diggory 
Number of Icons: 75/100 
Batches Done: Three
Due Date: 1/11/08 
Notes/Credits: The chart was removed to conserve bandwidth. Please refer to the final batch.

Cedric Diggory Icons - Batch Two

Subject: Cedric Diggory 
Number of Icons: 50/100 
Batches Done: Two 
Due Date: 1/11/08 
Notes/Credits: The chart was removed to conserve bandwidth. Please refer to the final batch.

Mod Post

Just a quick post. I've, finally (very sorry about that) updated the claimed list. I've removed all the claims that ended last month but there may still be some out-of-date claims left up. The reason for this is that I have been unable to send out the claim reminders and so I thought I would give people an extra week or so to fill out their claim if they wish to do so. If you have recently made a claim or a waiting claim then please try and check that your details on the table are correct.

On reminders: as I am, clearly, unable to always send out reminders on time I know it can be difficult to remember that claims are due so please do try and check the due dates of your claims as I am not always able to give out reminders (I am considering trying to, at least, do a weekly postly reminder).

If you want to have your claim extended or have any other comments or questions please feel free to reply to this post (comments will be screened) or send an email to lunaillustris [at] googlemail [dot] com

That's all for now folks. Happy icon making!


Cedric Diggory - Batch One

Subject: Cedric Diggory
Number of Icons: 21/100
Batches Done: One
Due Date: 1/11/08
Notes/Credits: I had quite a few finished as I was waiting to be either accepted or declined. In such, my first batch has quite a few to it. I am focusing on the Themed first, as they are more difficult than the Artist's Choice. 18/50 Themed, and 3/50 Artist's Choice have been completed.


Order of the Phoenix; batch 2

subject: order of the phoenix
number of icons: 23/100
due date: 29/11/07


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Ron/Hermione; batch 1

subject: ron/hermione
number of icons: 12/100
due date: 19/12/07


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